The March 2015 Solar Eclipse from Glasgow

Partial Solar Eclipse on 20th March 2015 from Glasgow, UK. Image: Derek Shirlaw

The weather forecast wasn’t great to be honest, but as I sprung up from my bed early on the morning of 20th March 2015 there were promising glimpses of blue sky poking through the fast rolling clouds… that was more than enough for me to start getting excited. The biggest astronomy event of the year, the solar eclipse, was on! Continue reading

February 2015 – Stargazing

The overhead night sky from Glasgow, UK at midnight on 18th February 2015. Made using Stellarium

With just 28 days in the month, make the most of them this February and take in as many opportunities as you can to gaze up at the wonders of the sky – both day and night! There’s a chance to spot three planets in the night sky at once (without … Continue reading