3 perfect astronomy books for beginners

3 perfect astronomy books for beginners

3 perfect astronomy books for beginners – “Stargazing for Dummies” by Steve Owens, “Wonders of the Universe” by Prof Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen, and “Collins Stars and Planets” by Ian Ridpath and Wil Tirion.

Astronomy is something that captivates all of us as humans. Our natural curiosity leads our gaze upwards to the stars above and to wonder what else is out there. In this short blog post I’ve selected three perfect books about stargazing that are suitable for beginners but also valuable reminders to more experienced skygazers. Enjoy!

Stargazing for Dummies

Skilfully written by science communicator Steve Owens (@darkskyman on Twitter), “Stargazing for Dummies” is an accessible introductory guide to astronomy covering everything you need to observe the night sky in all its glory.

Steve leads you through how to spot the planets, constellations and galaxies with clear language and diagrams and even touches on using binoculars, telescopes and taking pictures of the heavens (astrophotography).

Wonders of the Universe

Written to accompany the BBC TV series of the same name, “Wonders of the Universe” by Professor Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen is a delightfully glossy hardcover publication packed with images that will make you drool!

It’s a mind-blowing read, but the authors bring the vastness of space back to a human level by explaining astronomy using the things we see around us closer to home.

Collins Stars and Planets

Written by Ian Ridpath (a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society) and illustrated by leading celestial cartographer, Wil Tirion this indespensible guide to what you can see overhead should be in every wannabe astronomer’s back pocket!

The clear sky charts for each month in both the northern and southern hemispheres, together with the incredible insight into the stars and planets (from current scientific understanding all the way through to how previous civilisations saw the heavens and insight into the mythology surrounding those objects in the sky and how they came to be there). You will read this all the way through and repeatedly dip back into it, over and over again!


What astronomy books would you recommend to someone starting out stargzaing?

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