Another 10 Top Science Websites

In addition to my Top 15 Science Websites, here are another 10 that are also more than worthy of your attention. Whilst checking out the science behind topical news issues affecting us all to exploring careers in science – you’ll find great podcasts to listen to, resources for schools and teachers, activities to try at home, and pick up skills on evaluating and scrutinising the information you’re presented with rationally and scientifically.

In no particular order, here are Another 10 Top Science Websites to explore.

1. science TV

Science TV is a growing website that allows you to create, share and discover science videos. It places some of the best of science videos on the web in one place and generally makes them easier to find.

2. The Skeptic

The Skeptic is a quarterly UK magazine, which examines science, scepticism, secularism, critical thinking and claims of the paranormal. Amongst its high profile editorial board are the likes of James Randi, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry, Derren Brown, Simon Singh and Brian Cox. On the website is an active blog, news updates and podcasts.

3. The Naked Scientists

A popular radio show and phenomenally successful podcast, The Naked Scientists’ website features a plethora of experiments for you to try at home, science articles and news, plus a science forum to get the discussion going.

4. Hunkin’s Experiments

Over 200 experiments to try at home are illustrated by cartoonist Tim Hunkin on this excellent website, based on his, sadly, now out-of-print book.

5. Science: [So What? So Everything]

UK directgov initiative to demonstrate the value of science in our society and inspire the next generation of science and innovation. It showcases some of the ways science impacts on our daily lives from work to pleasure, the environment we live in to the sports we play.

6. School Science

From the Association for Science Education comes this website aimed at science teachers and educators. Lot’s of links to a huge variety of resources for use in the classroom or online.

7. Sense About Science

Sense About Science is an independent charitable trust promoting the need for good evidence-based science when communicating to the public. There are many clearly written guides to understanding the facts in commonly raised issues in science from GM crops to nuclear energy, alternative medicines to MMR vaccines.

8. Heavens Above

Discover what’s passing overhead from comets to planets, satellites such as the International Space Station (ISS) to space shuttles and rockets. Simply key in your location and it’ll predict what you’re likely to see – simple, but really exciting!


From the IoP (Institute of Physics) comes this excellent guide to physics on the Internet. With accessible and attractive pages you can explore every aspect of physics with a comprehensive and well-ordered database of the best online resources, play games and take part in activities from the IoP, and there’s careers advice for those interested in or already studying physics.

10. The Royal Society

The Royal Society is the independent scientific academy of the UK and the Commonwealth dedicated to promoting excellence in science. The society will celebrate its 350th anniversary in 2010 and throughout its history supported many top young scientists, engineers and technologists, influenced science policy, debated scientific issues with the public and much more. Their website has sections on current science news, studies and further information on topical issues such as climate change, infectious diseases and GM foods.

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