April 2014 – Stargazing

Go stargazing in April 2014 and you’ll be rewarded with sensational sights of the cosmos, a partial glimpse of a total lunar eclipse and so on. Okay, the nights are a little bit lighter now that we’re into Spring but you’ll still be able to see some amazing things – even from the city (though it’ll be even better if you can get away from any light pollution)!

The Night Sky

This image below shows what the night sky looks like on 15th April 2014 at midnight from Glasgow, UK. The sky will look similar at the same time through the month – the only significant change being that of the Moon’s position (you can click on the image to make it bigger).

The overhead night sky from Glasgow, UK at midnight on 15th April 2014. Made using Stellarium

The overhead night sky from Glasgow, UK at midnight on 15th April 2014. Made using Stellarium

Jupiter is out to the South West by around Midnight. Mars is almost due South alongside the spring star, Spica. Spica is the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo. And the ringed giant, Saturn is also to be found just a little further behind Mars in its passage across the sky to the South East.

Astronomy Books

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Sunrise and Sunset times, Glasgow

  • 7th April 2014 – Sunrise 06:33 Sunset 20:07

  • 15th April 2014 – Sunrise 06:12 Sunset 20:23

  • 22nd April 2014 – Sunrise 05:55 Sunset 20:37

  • 29th April 2014 – Sunrise 05:39 Sunset 20:52

All the times listed above are local to Glasgow.

Total Lunar Eclipse

In the early hours of 15th April 2014, a total lunar eclipse will be partially visible from Glasgow, across the UK and many other locations. You’ll have to be up early (about 05:55) to see it the first 15 minutes or so of the progress of the Earth’s shadow touching the face of the Moon. By around 06:09 the Moon will have dropped below the horizon and you won’t be able to see the total lunar eclipse from the UK.

Moon Phases

  • First Quarter – 7th April, 09:31

  • Full Moon – 15th April 2014, 08:43

  • Third Quarter – 22nd April 2014, 08:52

  • New Moon – 29th April 2014, 07:15

Times listed above are local to Glasgow.

Love your skygazing in April 2014!

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