Skywatching in June 2012 is more than just about the transit of Venus. Honest!

Transit of Venus - Venus completely over the sun

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How do you know you’re getting your daily recommended nutrition from the food you eat?

Admit it! You don’t know what you’re eating! Okay, maybe that’s a little unfair. You probably know roughly what you’re consuming from meal to meal; maybe even looking at the ingredients on the back of the packet(!); but I’ll bet you don’t know the total breakdown of how much of each of the food groups you’re putting into your body and if that’s meeting the recommended daily amounts.

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How the sky looks in May 2012

The month of May brings with it increasingly longer hours of daylight which does make stargazing more tricky and for the real night owls amongst us who are prepared to stay up into the wee small hours; but there’s always something in the sky to more than justify the effort to look up regularly.

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Virgo – the constellation that signals the spring and fertility

The constellation of Virgo (animated)

When it comes to constellations, only one other occupies a larger area of our field of vision in the sky than that of the virgin goddess, Virgo (and that’s Hydra – the water snake). Let’s take a closer look then at this patch of our sky and unearth what it has to discover.

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Get outdoors and look into the sky at night this April

Looking South from Glasgow at midnight on 21st April 2012

Get outdoors this month on a clear night and you’ll see Saturn, the Lyrids and stars aplenty including those that make up the constellation of Virgo…

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Astronomy tools that are out of this world!

Photographic Sky Survey website

If you’re anything like me and intrigued by what lies beyond our planet then you’re going to love these tools that will stimulate your interest further and allow you to navigate the sky!

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