Dinosaurs. They capture our imaginations; play with our fears; and provide an incredible and exciting insight into our planet’s history and evolution.

From an early age, most of us discover our fascination with dinosaurs – either in looking at pictures of them in books, on TV, or looking at remarkable reconstructed fossils of them in museums.

The scientific study into the lives of these creatures has developed hugely since English paleontologist Richard Owen coined the term dinosaur meaning ‘terrible lizard’ back in 1842. Indeed for the best part of 100 years they were thought to be unintelligent, cumbersome and clumsy cold-blooded beasts.

Now, the BBC has a brand new season devoted to dinosaurs. Planet Dinosaur is an astonishing new six-part series that will shed new light and bring to life these animals that lived and dominated our planet some 230 million years ago. With immersive new computer-generated graphics and the latest fossil evidence, this promises to be an incredible TV experience and I, for one, am counting the seconds till the first part, “The Lost World” airs 14th September at 8.30pm on BBC One.

To whet your appetite, here’s the jaw-dropping, heart-bounding trailer:

And there’s more… a brilliant website to accompany the BBC’s Dinosaur Season

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