Derek Shirlaw hosting the Glasgow heat of FameLab UK

Derek Shirlaw hosting the Glasgow heat of FameLab UK. Picture by Elin Roberts

The UK’s biggest search for science communication talent is well underway as regional heats take place around the country to search for candidates going forward to the final in London in March 2012.

I was privalaged to host the Glasgow heat of FameLab UK at Glasgow Science Centre and it was so inspiring to hear and see both the talent and passion that all the participants had. Amongst a plethora of science wonder, we heard how insects hear, why titanium dioxide is so brilliant, and pondered how you get from a slurry of chemicals to the beauty of life!

About Derek Shirlaw

I'm passionate about science communication, social media, and my home country, Scotland. In particular, I have a real interest in astronomy, digital marketing, and the great outdoors.
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