January 2013 and the night sky

A new year and another journey around the Sun begins.

Overhead at midnight on 11th January 2013 from Glasgow, UK and elsewhere, the sky will look as in the 360 degree overhead view below (assuming it’s a nice clear, cloud-free night).

The view overhead at midnight from Glasgow, UK on 11th January 2013.

Click to embiggen. The view overhead at midnight from Glasgow, UK on 11th January 2013. Made using Stellarium.

The Sun and Moon for January 2013

Moon Phases

  • Last Quarter – 5th January 2013, 03:58
  • New Moon – 11th January 2013, 19:44
  • First Quarter – 18th January 2013, 23:45
  • Full Moon – 27th January 2013, 04:39

Times are listed in Universal Time (UT).

Sunrise and set from Glasgow, UK

  • 5th January 2013 – Sunrise 08:46 Sunset 16:00
  • 11th January 2013 – Sunrise 08:41 Sunset 16:09
  • 18th January 2013 – Sunrise 08:34 Sunset 16:22
  • 27th January 2013 – Sunrise 08:20 Sunset 16:40

Times are listed in Universal Time (UT).

Stargzaing Live

Stargazing live returns to the telly for its 3rd series from 8th January 2013 at 8pm on BBC Two. Dara O Briain and Professor Brian Cox present 3 consecutive live nights of astronomy from Jodrell Bank with link-ups to observatories around the globe.

Whether you’re a beginner, amateur or professional when it comes to the world of astronomy don’t miss the shows! You’ll find lot’s more information about them and some useful resources on the website.

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