Moon Phases – November 2010

Here are the Moon phases in the Northern hemisphere for November 2010 and other interesting things of note in the sky.

6th November: New Moon
13th November: First Quarter
21st November: Full Moon
28th November: Last Quarter

The Leonid meteor shower this year, on the 17th and 18th November, will be worth looking out for if we get a clear spell of weather; but, being so close to a full Moon, don’t expect to see anything else but the brightest of flares as we pass through the dusty trail of the comet Temple-Tuttle.

The planet Jupiter is very prominent in the sky looking southwards in the evenings this November. Check out what the sky will look like on 17th November looking southwards around 8pm GMT.

The sky looking south at 8pm on 17th November 2010

The sky looking south at 8pm on 17th November 2010

You can see above that in finding the Moon and Jupiter, if you look a little higher in the sky you’ll find the Great Square of Pegasus.

There’s more about the Great Square of Pegasus in my post on the Top 5 Winter Night Sky Objects

Discover the constellation of Orion.

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