November 2014 – Stargazing

November, and the nights are dark and perfect for stargazing. So what is there to find in the sky overhead? Well, in this post there’s a few pointers to finding your way around the sky in November 2014.

The Night Sky

Mars will be visible for a few hours throughout the month just after the Sun sets. You’ll find it just above the handle of ‘the teapot’ (the constellation, ‘Sagittarius’) low on the South Western horizon. Jupiter will be up before midnight – look Eastwards to view the largest planet in the solar system this month.

Perched between The Great Square of Pegasus and the constellation of Cassiopeia which helpfully points towards it, is the galaxy, Andromeda. As Taurus the bull rises in the East it appears to be charging towards Orion the hunter.

The Leonids meteor shower peaks between the 17th and 18th November. These remnants of Comet Temple-Tuttle will produce around a dozen meteors per hour for viewers staying up past midnight.

The image below shows the sky overhead Glasgow, UK around midnight on the 22nd November 2014. You can click on it to make the image larger.

The overhead night sky from Glasgow, UK at midnight on 22nd November 2014. Made using Stellarium

The overhead night sky from Glasgow, UK at midnight on 22nd November 2014. Made using Stellarium

Sunrise and Sunset times, Glasgow

  • 6th November 2014 – Sunrise 07:34 Sunset 16:27

  • 14th November 2014 – Sunrise 07:51 Sunset 16:12

  • 22nd November 2014 – Sunrise 08:07 Sunset 15:59

  • 29th November 2014 – Sunrise 08:19 Sunset 15:51

All the times listed above are local to Glasgow.

Moon Phases

  • Full Moon – 6th November 2014, 22:23

  • Third Quarter – 14th November 2014, 15:16

  • New Moon – 22nd November 2014, 12:33

  • First Quarter – 29th November 2014, 10:07

Times listed above are local to Glasgow.

Astronomy Books

Are you just getting into astronomy or a seasoned pro? Check out these fantastic books about astronomy which are accessible for all levels and highly recommended.

This November, get out and look up often to enjoy the spectacular skies!

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