Perseid Meteor Shower

Look up!

If you do one exciting thing this week as you live life on the edge, be sure you stay up past bedtime one night to catch the astro-extravaganza of the year – The Perseid Meteor Shower!!!

Thousands will be taking part around the world in this heavenly spectacle. Make sure you’re amongst them! Tell your friends, tell your family and tell everyone to look up and enjoy the shooting stars and wonders of the night sky on the 11th to 14th of August 2010.

If you’re not convinced by how immense it’ll be, check out the trailer:

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  1. Awesome! In the space of 1hour at Glentrool in Galloway Forest Park, the UK’s 1st Dark Sky Park, we saw 15 meteors of varying degrees of stunning-ness overnight Thursday into Friday Smile

    Some of them were mere sparklers whilst others were proper fireballs that burnt a lasting image on your retinas – it was superb.

    Brill views of the stars and even the Milky Way… shame about the Galloway youth team turning up with their hazard lights on in the car park, their giddy laughter and screams at the sight of the sky lighting-up – twats. But that, along with a bit of a journey there and back, didn’t spoil an otherwise highly pleasurable late night under the constellations.

    Don’t forget folks – keep looking up over the next few days and beyond!

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