Predictions for 2013

It’s a new year and I thought it’d be kinda fun to make a few predictions about some of the the things that might happen over the next 12 months. Who knows, some of them may even come true and I’ll be hailed as some knd of Nostradamus!

So, here you go…

  • Software and a hardware interface will be developed that can interpret your thoughts well enough to be able to search online for you without having to physically type anything. This will lead to you being able to sit in front of a computer and just ‘think’ rather than think and type.
  • Fossilised life forms will be discovered in the clay soils of Mars. Primitive bacterial forms – nothing big, green and hairy that will come and get us.
  • 3D printers for the home will be this year’s must-have Christmas gift.
  • Boris Johnson will be in the running for PM, as David Cameron is forced to resign over his handling of an as yet to be played out political scandal.
  • Sunday 17th March will be cold and blustery in Glasgow, Scotland. This will start a fortnight of unseasonal heavy snow showers that bring travel misery and hardship to communities across Scotland with temperatures plummeting to -10 degrees Celsius. More snow will fall in these two weeks of March in Glasgow than in any previous recorded two week period.

What do you think? Do you reckon any of these will come to pass? Share your predictions below.

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I'm passionate about science communication, social media, and my home country, Scotland. In particular, I have a real interest in astronomy, digital marketing, and the great outdoors.
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