What is… Science

What is ‘Science’? I’ve always viewed it as a thirst for knowledge and understanding of the world around us. It’s a condition of the human mind that we strive to find our place in the grand scheme of the Universe (or should that be ‘Universes’?) and the scientific method is the best method yet developed for finding evidenced-based answers to the questions we have. It’s not perfect. Scientists are human after all. But, the process of observing, hypothesising, experimenting, repeating, analysing the results and evaluating at every step along the way is one I subscribe to.

Here’s a little foray into explaining some broad areas of scientific study.


The scientific study of the Universe and the objects it contains including stars, planets, nebulae and galaxies.

Find out more about Astronomy: Stars, Planets, Galaxies, Nebulae


The science of life and living things.

Find out more about Biology: Life, Cells, Genetics, Minibeasts


The science of matter, its composition and properties.

Find out more about Chemistry: Atoms, Carbon, Acids & Alkalis, Solid, Liquid, Gas & Plasma


The science of the interactions between matter and energy.

Find out more about Physics: Forces, Motion, Energy, Laws

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