In Physics, force is experienced as a lift, push or pull that causes a mass to accelerate.

It seems that things in our universe interact with each other through four basic forces.

Electromagnetic force works over large distances, shaping the electron orbits and also the chemical nature of atoms. Carried by wave particles called photons, we experience this force as the electromagnetic spectrum – Gamma Rays, X-Rays, Ultra-violet, Visible Light, Infra-red, Radio waves, Micro waves.

The weakest force of the four is gravity which acts over great distances, connecting all types of matter from galaxies to the bits that make up our own bodies, keeping our feet on the ground.

At a sub-atomic level, there are also the weak and the strong nuclear forces. The weak force comes into play during particle decay, working over very short distances to ultimately assist in turning one element into another.

The strong force acts over distances that span the nucleus of an atom, binding sub-atomic bits called quarks together.

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