Sherlock Holmes, is by all sound logic, still very much alive

When Scotsman Sir Arthur Conan Doyle put ink to paper back in the late 1800s could he have known just what an impact his fictional resident of 221b Baker Street would have had even still in 2011?

Since then, Sherlock Holmes adventures have been told in some 56 short stories and 4 novels by Conan Doyle, plus many short stories and novels by other writers.

Famed for his keen sense of logic, the consulting detective; joined his able assistant and biographer Dr John H. Watson; meet the most cunning of adversaries in the likes of Professor James Moriarty – ‘the Napoleon of Crime’.

Holmes and Moriarty

Sherlock and Moriarty. From the Sherlock Holmes story 'The Final Problem' by Sidney Paget.

Using a range of skills from forensic science to martial arts; inductive reasoning to chemistry; Holmes – who claims that he is cursed by seeing everything – is an intriguing and exciting character if frequently intolerable and lonely in his pursuit of criminals.

In 2009, Sherlock Holmes hit the big screen again in a film directed by Guy Ritchie starring Robert Downey Jnr as the lead character and Jude Law as Watson. The eccentric duo returned in late 2011 with a sequel titled “Sherlock Homes A Game of Shadows” and I can’t recommend it highly enough! It’s a cleverly twisted and beautifully shot movie that is an action-packed escapade across Europe in a bid to quell rising political tensions, the flames of which are being subtly stoked by Professor Moriarty.

Also of high acclaim in my opinion is the BBC One TV adaptation for the 21st Century – Sherlock – starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the crime-fighting mastermind and Martin Freeman as Watson. The first series in 2010 seamlessly changed the Victorian setting of the original to a modern-day London. A brand new series of Sherlock is due to start in 2012 and once again the racing minds of Holmes and his arch nemesis Moriarty will go head to head and toe to toe in a game that will captivate and entertain – of that my dear Watson, I am certain!

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