Snow Creatures

It’s been a great start to December this year with loads of snow falling in Scotland and there seems no let up in the wintry conditions πŸ™‚

I’ve taken the opportunity to make some Snow Creatures in the garden. Snow Creatures take building a Snowman one step further; this was my first foray into their world; go easy on my creative ability πŸ™‚

Meet Frank the Snowbear:

Frank the Snowbear

Frank the Snowbear (c) 2010 Derek Shirlaw

And later Frank was joined by Poppy the Snowrabbit:

Poppy the Snowrabbit

Poppy the Snowrabbit (c) 2010 Derek Shirlaw

And here are those adorable Snow Creatures with their makers:

Frank the Snowbear and Poppy the Snowrabbit

Frank the Snowbear and Poppy the Snowrabbit (c) 2010 Derek Shirlaw

I’m off to hunt for more Snow Creatures and will update soon…

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I'm passionate about science communication, social media, and my home country, Scotland. In particular, I have a real interest in astronomy, digital marketing, and the great outdoors.
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  1. Still on the lookout for Snow Creatures, but meantime here’s one of my favourite nature clips of recent times:

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