August 2015 – Stargazing

The overhead night sky from Glasgow, UK at midnight on 14th August 2015. Made using Stellarium

Things are looking up for stargazers as we start edging into the darker nights of August which should (if the weather falls in our favour) provide greater opportunity to spot stars and planets. It’s also a peak month for meteor watching as the Perseids stream into our atmosphere for our annual encounter with the remnants of comet, Swift-Tuttle. Continue reading

8 astronomy quotes that are astonishing and profound

Carl Sagan

Amazed and full of wonder of what is out there, we’ve all gazed up at one time or another, open-jawed and eyes wide-open and just gone ‘wow!’ Even the great astronomers and thinkers down the ages have done so – but some have managed to utter a few quite profound words too that capture that sense of astonishment.

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March 2013 is a time of change for skywatchers

The midnight sky on 11th March 2013 overhead from Glasgow, UK. Made using Stellarium. (Click to embiggen)

March skygazing will delight, captivate and on clear nights deliver great views of constellations and planets. The Sun continues to rise earlier each morning and set later each evening (albeit there’s a stutter when the clocks ‘spring’ forward overnight on the 30th into the 31st).

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