March 2014 – Stargazing

The overhead night sky from Glasgow, UK at midnight on 16th March 2014. Made using Stellarium.

March 2014 could be the month you start stargazing – what a month to begin! Equally, you might already be a regular head-tilter, casting your gaze upwards and out beyond our own planet’s atmosphere. Whatever category you fall into – look up to the sky often and it’ll keep you happy, if not as mad as a March hare! Continue reading

March 2013 is a time of change for skywatchers

The midnight sky on 11th March 2013 overhead from Glasgow, UK. Made using Stellarium. (Click to embiggen)

March skygazing will delight, captivate and on clear nights deliver great views of constellations and planets. The Sun continues to rise earlier each morning and set later each evening (albeit there’s a stutter when the clocks ‘spring’ forward overnight on the 30th into the 31st).

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