The little things that drive me mad!

Wait - just press the button once!

Wait – just press the button once!

Nature thrives on patience; man on impatience.
Paul Boese

In the relatively short time we’re bouding around this planet, we tend to do so at quite a pace; not really taking much else in as we put ourselves and our own intentions first and foremost; I suppose it’s part of the human condition to be impatient and want things as soon as we think about them or when we expect they should happen.

Patience is a virtue…

So to amuse myself, I often slow down and empty my mind of any thoughts of whizzing around for a while. I reduce the pace at which I interact with my surroundings and just watch as others try frantically to go about their business. I recommend you try it too.

Here are some of the things you start to notice and that show just how impatient humans can be and how that can frustrate others.

  1. Pushing buttons – traffic lights, train doors, computers, tv remotes. Incredible how people think that by pressing a button more than once or repeatedly will somehow cause things to happen more quickly, isn’t it? How often have you stood at the traffic lights waiting for the green man having pressed the button, only for someone else to come up see the illuminated ‘wait’ button and just go ahead and press it another 2 or 3 times. Crazy! There’s really nothing to be gained by pressing more than once! The wait won’t be shortened. Pressing buttons too often on a computer keyboard can even slow down the desired action from taking place.
  2. Queueing and waiting – People hate queing don’t they!? Whether it’s in shops, for public transport, in traffic jams, for the toilet, at the airport or getting on or off a plane, taking seats at the cinema or concert, at the doctors, downloading stuff from the Internet, anywhere in any situation really!
  3. People often leave a shop into oncoming pedestians without even looking to see if there’s a gap in the flow; and people who leave a shop, stop and then don’t know which way they’re going and the person leaving the shop behind them bumps into them too. This is a similar situation to people who walk along and suddenly stop without checking around themselves to see if others are walking just behind. Easy to see how this causes frustration.
  4. Cooking. The sound of a ‘ping’ is music to many folks’ ears. Speed and near instant gratification when it comes to food seems to be important to many. But does nukin’ your grub really make such a difference to your life? Wouldn’t you rather take a bit more time and put a bit more love into your meals?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

So what drives you mad about other people? It’d be great to hear if you share the same frustrations. Pop your comments below. Take all the time you need 🙂

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