Top 15 Science Websites

There’s a stack of great science websites out there on the net offering up something for everyone. Everything from videos of experiments, uncovering the latest pioneering research, to science events you can roll your sleeves up for and take part in too.

In no particular order, here are 15 of my favourite science websites to explore.

Science Videos

1. Planet Scicast

An amazing showcase of short science films! Set-up to inspire school children to make their own films about science, there is now an extensive collection of videos covering a whole host of engaging science topics.

The Universe

2. Portal to the Universe

Your gateway to the Universe at large, it pulls in all kinds of information through a variety of formats to give a one-stop-shop for discovering what’s happening right now in space.


A simply massive and immersive website for exploring space and keeping up to date with NASA missions. There are resources for educators, a children’s section and some of the most jaw-dropping and awesome pictures you’ll ever get to see!

Take part in science activity and events

4. British Science Association

The British Science Association is a registered charity that exists to advance the public understanding, accessibility and accountability of the sciences and engineering in the UK. On the website you can find out about the huge number of science events around the UK that are taking place and join-up to support them.

5. Glasgow Science Centre

Must admit to having a slightly biased view of this website as I’m an employee, but it’s a fine example of the brilliant access to science and discovery centres we have in the UK. The website details what’s on in the IMAX, Science Mall, Planetarium and Glasgow Tower, provides superb resources for educators, experiments you can try at home and online games.

For a complete list of science and discovery centres across the UK and their offering, visit

Popular Science Broadcasters and Publications

6. BBC Science & Nature

Not many broadcasters in the world cover science and nature as well or extensively as the BBC. Here you’ll find links to their extensive range of programming, interactive study aids, plus local, national and international science news and much, much more.

7. New Scientist

The weekly publication has been in circulation since 1956 and forty years later began to develop it’s online presence. There is a massive archive of articles, updated regularly with the latest content and supported by a worldwide readership. To get the full benefit you’ll have to subscribe, but if you’re involved in the science industry and are passionate enough, it’s probably the magazine.

8. Flipside

This quirky science offering is the online version of the magazine aimed at teens from the Institution of Engineering and Technology ( It’s been a real hit and its far-sighted approach to ensure it reaches the right audience is a good example for others to follow when trying to appeal to a media-savvy generation.

Science Resources and Experiments

9. Planet Science

A colourful site, managed by NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts ), Planet Science provides free & fun science resources for children, young people, teachers and parents.

10. Steve Spangler Science

Steve Spangler is one of the biggest names in popularising science on TV in the USA and his site is stuffed with videos, experiments, and a shop full of gadgets, gizmos and science gifts.

11. WebElements

The periodic table on the web! Everything you could possibly want to know about the chemical elements that are the building blocks of our world.

Research Portals

12. Intute

Created and maintained by a consortium of seven top UK universities, Intut, should be your first port of call when you need to find the best websites for study and research.

13. Science Daily

Crammed full with links to the latest research news.

Miscellaneous Science Websites

14. Cloud Appreciation Society

We take it for granted, but look up more often and you’ll be amazed at what you see in the sky. The Cloud Appreciation Society is for those who want to start to acknowledge the beauty of what’s overhead!

15. Encyclopedia of Life

A truly ambitious project to catalogue all life on Earth and make it accessible to all in varying degrees of complexity depending on whether you are a specialist in the field or an interested member of the public.

And if those websites have whet your appetite for science on the internet, here’s Another 10 Top Science Websites, to get your teeth into!

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